Debt Investment Professional (CDIPTM)
Benefit to participants
This program is designed to make participants competent to advice debt mutual funds.
  • IFAs/RIAs/CFPs/ Wealth Managers
  • AMC professionals
  • Employees of intermediaries such as banks and national distributors
  • Duration
    1 full day
  • Types of fixed income instruments - To help advisors understand why & where has the fund manager invested? Products like SDL, CBLO, PTCs, g-sec, CD, CP, etc. This can actually be used as a sales tool to position debt funds v/s other traditional products.
  • Making sense of credit ratings - Various agencies use different methodologies for different products. Basic understanding of how A1+ is not very different from AAA is important for the advisor to understand and to give confidence to the investor on the quality of the portfolio.
  • Macro-economic factors affecting debt markets - It is important to be able to form a view after reading the Fund Manager’s commentary, Monetary Policy report etc. and ascertain which fund to recommend under various economic situations.
  • Analyzing & Comparing debt funds - Covering terminology like yield, YTM, average maturity, duration, etc. enabling participants to compare funds bases risk adjusted returns
  • Fact sheet reading - Fund analysis and key selling points
  • Book