Continuous Professional Education (CPE)
Benefit to participants
Upon expiry of the validity of the NISM certificate possessed by an associated person, the certificate shall be re-validated by successfully completing this one-day 'Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program.'
Candidate who's NISM certification has to be re-validated
1 full day
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NISM CPE Program
  • NISM Series - I: Currency Derivatives
  • NISM Series - II-A: RTA- Corporate
  • NISM Series - II-B: RTA - Mutual Funds
  • NISM Series - III-A: Securities Intermediaries Compliance (Non-Fund)
  • NISM Series - IV: Interest Rate Derivatives
  • NISM Series - V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors
  • NISM Series - V-B: Mutual Fund Foundation
  • NISM Series - VI: Depository Operations
  • NISM Series - VII: Securities Operations and Risk Management
  • NISM Series - VIII: Equity Derivatives
  • NISM Series - IX: Merchant Banking
  • NISM Series - X-A: Investment Advisor (Level 1)
  • NISM Series - X-B: Investment Advisor (Level 2)