Smart Objection Handling
Benefit to IFAs
The key objective of this program is to help the IFA to recognize and handle all objections with confidence and assurance. Ideally, after such a program, IFAs would able to convert many such uncertainties into opportunities.
All IFAs
3 ½ hours
  • Common myths around investments / mutual funds
  • Correct interpretation of such myths
  • Understanding why myths develop
  • Understanding sales objections
  • Significance of sales objections
  • Common objections in selling advisory products
  • Suggested responses for each objection
  • How to handle objections

  • Program methodology: Role-plays, case studies and presentations
  • A week before the program, each participant would be required to send two objections he/she has faced recently. By the end of the program, the IFAs would be equipped with the appropriate responses to most of the common objections.