Growing business through referrals
Benefit to IFAs
Research shows that even though referrals is the most effective way of generating new business, many IFAs don’t ask for referrals and the ones who do, often do not do it right. This program aims to equip IFAs with insights and tips so that they become effective at getting referrals of right quality and quantity.
All IFAs
3 ½ hours
  • Understanding the power of referrals
  • Common techniques of asking for referrals – Their merits and demerits
  • Referrals as an ‘earned right’
  • Laying the foundations of ‘earning the right to ask for referrals’
  • Process of generating referrals
  • what preparation and homework you need to do before you ask for referrals
  • when you meet the referred party
  • giving your clients feedback
  • Generating non-customer referrals
  • Developing your own technique
  • Referral check-list
  • Refresher materia