Getting more from your existing clients
Benefit to IFAs
Most IFAs do not recognize that their existing clients can be a more profitable source of business compared to new clients. This program is meant to guide them on how to excavate this mine of hidden wealth by enlightening them on
- How to analyse the book of business and find opportunities to get more business from the same client
- Cross sell and up sell activities to achieve this
- How to get more referrals
  • Distributors who wish to grow their business and have a reasonable number of clients. The distributor should have been in business for 3 to 4 years. It is important that the IFA who owns the business attends the program and not any employee
  • The advisors are required to get their laptops with full client data in MS Excel. This should include details of AUM – client wise and scheme wise as well as the transaction feeds for at least last one year and if possible since inception.
  • Ideal batch size
    3 ½ hours
  • What is your own risk profile?
    • What does your book of business look like vis-a-vis your risk profile?
    • Vulnerability of your book with respect to market risk – asset values as well as changing asset class preferences
  • Why should you acquire more clients?
    • Introduction to client acquisition
  • KYC – What do you know about your customers?
  • A-B-C analysis of clients and your book of business
  • Client category v/s product matrix
  • Activities to sell related products or to sell more of the same products
  • How to get referrals on a continuous basis and in large numbers
  • What to do once you have collected leads
  • Various templates to carry out the exercises conducted in the program. These templates can be used after the program to put the program lessons to effective use