How to develop a business plan for growth
Benefit to IFAs
This program will help IFAs look at their practice as a proper business and is designed to train them to develop a successful marketing plan that achieves their goals in a manner designed to increase both productivity and profitability.
  • Serious, committed IFAs irrespective of AUM size
  • Some knowledge of excel is essential
  • Duration
    3 ½ hours
  • Need to treat your practice as a business in which you have invested millions
  • The importance of a business plan
  • The essential elements of a business plan
    • Vision/Annual goal
    • Environment scan – SWOT - Competition, Collaborators
    • Defining your target market
    • What is your value proposition - product, price?
    • Activities and programs to turn plans in to reality
    • Budgets, financial and timeline
    • Tracking and course correction
  • Outline/Template of a model plan
  • List of the key decision points that will impact the plan inputs