Behavioral Finance
Benefit to participants
Behavioral finance is the study of dozens of financial decision-making errors that can be avoided if we are familiar with the biases that cause them. In this program, we examine these predictable errors, and discover where we are most susceptible to them. This course is intended to guide participants towards better financial choices. Learn how to improve your spending, saving, and investing decisions for the future.
  • Serious & committed IFAs/RIAs/CFPs/wealth managers
  • Financial institution representative
  • Basics of economics is essential
  • Duration
    3 full days
  • Look at the classical economic model of consumer choice, which assumes that all of the decisions that we make are sensible, or “rational.” And the shortcomings of this approach
  • Examine how people behave in reality.
  • Discover how our minds are inclined to distort probabilities and either underestimate or overestimate the likelihood of certain outcomes.
  • Learn about the tendency to use rules of thumb that simplify the process of making decisions, but can also lead to predictable errors.
  • See multiple examples of what can lead us to make predictably sub-optimal financial decisions, both individually and across the entire financial markets.
  • Discuss the many ways in which we can now improve your financial decision-making because of our deeper understanding of the innate biases.
  • Reading Material