Tax planning through HUF and Private Trusts
Benefit to participants
This workshop intends to cover various laws, income tax provisions, tax benefits, documentations and precautions for HUF and Private Trusts.
  • IFAs/RIAs/CFPs/wealth managers
  • AMC professionals
  • Basic taxation knowledge is essential
  • Duration
    1 full day

  • Legal provisions governing HUF
  • Understanding various terms and concepts–Coparcener, Member, Karta.
  • Process of coming into existence
  • Succession of HUF property
  • Females and HUF law

  • Income tax Laws Governing HUF

  • Residential status & Tax Benefits of HUF
  • Gift to and from HUF
  • Clubbing and partition of HUF income tax provisions
  • HUF as partner of a firm, shareholder of a company
  • Law relating to family arrangement under Hindu laws-its benefits, capital gains implications
  • Filing of income tax return and assessment provisions

  • Discussion on Private Trusts

  • Basic concepts and legal provisions regulating trusts
  • Types and process of creating trusts
  • Purpose of creating of a private trust
  • Rights and duties of trustees and beneficiaries
  • Care to be taken while creating a private trust
  • Filing of returns and assessment of private trusts
  • FEMA provisions of private trusts
  • Reading Material